Unbeknownst to me, the journey of Dirty Sailor Girl began even before I knew it had….

It all started with a Naval Sailor on duty in the Caribbean many, many years ago, who stopped in a local shop for a cup of joe, and a Girl who reluctantly picked up a shift out of a favor to a dear friend. Sailor and Girl met. After 10 cups of coffee, Sailor returned to base, left Port and due to lack of, FB, Twitter, Snapchat or any other SM outlet for that matter, contact was lost and the sun set on Sailor and Girl what would seem like forever. Fast forward 10 years later to 2005 in sunny Florida. Sailor and Girl meet again in a chance encounter and let’s just say the rest is history and the beginning for Sailor and Girl.

My obsession with truly natural skincare became all-consuming shortly after our reunion after enjoying a spa bath bar we picked up in the resort we eloped to in Mexico. The way it captured my senses to always remember that moment. I was mesmerized and a new love was born. I was taken back to my memories of growing up on an Island where my most treasured memories are running off to the beach every chance I got. Whether it was to recharge in solitude or during my slightly rebellious days skipping school to sneak in my salt therapy. Creating Dirty Sailor Girl grew out of my desire to see a brand I couldn’t find on the market that fulfilled all the elements that I felt lacked in the natural products arena - To create a brand that provoked and inspired bold and adventurous classic beauty; that embodied a well-rounded woman who has a tad of rebellion and above all, combines all the elements of classic beauty, boldness, and rebellion through our products and packaging.

As I journeyed through research and development in high-end natural raw materials to create the glorious goodness in my own skincare  I began with a Turkish blend of rich coffee and set out to create an emulsified coffee scrub in honor of all the mochas and espressos that brought us together that fateful day when back when. Overzealous with the addition of the aromatic grinds, my first creation was well unbalanced favoring the dark roast that was more a sludge of java and butter. Upon testing, my sailor was a dirty looking mess covered in rich oils and enough caffeine to revive a squadron of sailors after a port call. We quickly realized that I needed to drastically revise and balance my formulation. When I finally got it right… Dirty Sailor Girl was born.