Mission Statement - Our Big Why

Our branding statement:

"Bold Fierce & Fearless is Anything But Dirty"

Is also our mission statement.

Dirty Sailor Girl Soap Company (DSG So.Co.) was born from the ashes of adversity. My adversity. You see, i'm only one among the multitude of women who have lived through the difficulty of hardship. Faced with the discouragement of struggle, I grew up with a single mother on public assistance in the projects. I knew early on that I had a duty in some capacity to be a face of transformation. How I would do it is why DSG So.Co was created. I wanted to build a company that I wanted to see exist and be a part of that forged a Fleet of Women who exemplify power, daring and adventure.

We understand that DSG So.Co. Products are used during the most intimate part of a womans daily routine. Our goal is to provoke to inspire Bold Fierce & Fearless femininity. To know that you too are among a fleet of women sharing in life's adventure and in spite of where you've been or are in life - you can still be a Bad-A$$...if you aren't already.

Creating exceptional bath products took care in research and development. All products are created by hand using fair trade and organic materials while supporting the growth of the manufacturers who source the materials directly from the communities and farmers who harvest them. We strive to stay up front and current constantly innovating how we bring products to our customers. 

But, what I created was so much more than having the title of owning a products line. It's the significance of Why I do. I want every woman to know and feel that success is attainable with hard work and that you control your outcome of success. So whether, you're lathering up or buttering on, when you use our products we want you to know that You're not alone - You're part of a Fleet. Being Bold - Fierce & Fearless is Anything But Dirty! Lather on, Like a #GirlBoss